Nicolas Mauger

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             			Nicolas Mauger Website

  Status of this website

    This memo provides information for the Interweb community. This memo does
    not specify an Internet standard of any kind. This document is distributed
    under DBAJ license.


    I am a french computer science student in coop training course. I like RFC,
    Gödel's incompleteness theorems and sometimes computers.
    To contact me, please respect the Kerchkhoffs's principle and encrypt your
    message with my PGP key.

  1. Contact

	Vcard:      maugern.vcf
	BTC:        12UKELYg7jddAj9TMPN8B733oycg8NCixJ

	My publicly-auditable identity:

  2. PGP public key

	Download my PGP publickey

	Fingerprint : B4F3 00B6 DDBE 56F5 8954 B543 63E8 E845 7F02 1798

	Import my key with GnuPG :
	curl | gpg --import

	Keybase DNS proof for this domain :
	(dig TXT ; dig TXT) | grep keybase

  3. Availables protocols for this website

	Https :

	ZeroNet : 1MAUgERnBPqX4KT6G4QKWkm7VkTVVMPww4 (What is it?)

	Tor hidden service : maugern6v76xaxjq.onion (available soon)

  4. Personal blog

	I also have blog who is available at

  5. Lasts public contributions


  6. Generated particles entropy

    Claud Shannon's entropy : H(x) = \sum_{i=1}^n p(x_{i}) \log_{b} \frac{1}{p(x_{i})

    Based on  particles, with a screen of x there is a pseudo-random generated sha384 :
    (click to generate)

ipv6 ready X3C vlidator Use PGP !